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Self-return of books

The automatic book return station is used in libraries under extra strain in order to reduce queues for books returning and decrease burden on librarians, especially during periods of readers overaction.

The Self-return stations can be mounted in the walls. It allows to return books even out of working hours!

Self-borrowing books

Keeping books in access to shelves has became a norm for most libraries for long now. Unfettered access a reader to books and other library collections increases a person's interest in reading. People borrow books more often, and visit libraries oftener.

Automated storage systems

Smart shelves, storage rooms, and even a cloakroom work in a single system with the ILS and provide access via an electronic reader's ticket. The user can independently return and register a return of books, drop the stuff at the coat check and be sure of their safety. Such systems cut down the service personnel and their responsibilities.

The workplace of a librarian

Everyday library employees perform dozens of routine operations: lending out and returning books, marking the collection, programming tags, working with library pass.

The software and hardware complex "Workstation" is designed to optimize and simplify routine tasks. The equipment of proprietary design will ensure high accuracy and stability of operation.

Anti-theft protection

The best solution in protecting the collection in access to shelves is an anti-theft RFID gate. The systems consist of antennas that are installed at the entrance to the library. If someone tries to take out a book, the gate will immediately notify the staff that a book or any other object of the library collection is being tried to steal.

Quick and accurate inventory

Inventory of the book stock using RFID technology is to prevent wasting time of a library employees on a monotonous and very time — consuming inventory. During inventory, the employee just needs to swipe the mobile reader along the shelves. The device will automatically record information about all the books in memory, and the publications do not need to be removed from the shelf.

Inventory of commodities and materials

RFID (UHF) technology allows you to significantly reduce the time and cost of physical inventory by reducing expended labor resources. Specialized software provides clarity and accuracy of the inventory process, as well as allows to keep a complete history of the movement of objects inside the library and in real time.

Electronic reader's ticket

The RFID card significantly simplifies a process of working with readers. It makes a process of lending / returning books simpler and more accurate. No more huge library's card catalog, no more queues in libraries, no more monotonous manual labor! Thanks to the latest technology, you can add a new reader, edit data, lend and accept books within minutes.

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