Quick and accurate inventory

Conducting inventory in the classic way in the library, as in any other place, is a very time-consuming and monotonous process that takes a lot of time for employees.

UniBook offers a high-quality, proven and long-established solution-inventory using RFID.

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The inventory process is accelerated by 20 times!

The technology is easy to learn and easy to handle

It is enough for an employee to swipe a specialized mobile reader along the shelves.
The device will automatically record information about all books in memory, and you do not need to remove the publications from the shelf.

Book searching

This solution allows to search for lost books. You should simply enter a number of RFID tag of the book you are looking for in the inventory device and direct the reader to the intended search area. The device will use a sound alert to tell you how far or close you are from the book you are looking for.

Inventory Cloud

Inventory Cloud is a solution based on RFID technology that significantly reduces inventory time, improves its accuracy, and eliminates errors caused by human factors.

The searching and counting of objects is localized in a single button, which allows you not to distract the staff from the workflow.

How it works:

  • Normal inventory:

  • The process of accounting and inventory of goods and services takes too much time
  • Questionable accuracy of inventory results
  • There is no possibility to see the results of the inventory remotely
  • There are difficulties with searching for inventory items
  • Non-transparent tracking and moving objects
  • Time
  • Accuracy
  • Remote access
  • Searching for objects
  • Transparency of accounting
  • RFID inventory:

  • Acceleration of a process of accounting and inventory of goods and services. Inventory is 20 times faster.
  • The identification accuracy of 99.9%
  • Viewing results in ONLINE mode.
  • Simple and convenient searching for objects. Reading objects even when there is no line of sight.
  • Transparency of an object tracking and movement.

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