Protecting books from theft

The best solution for protecting an open access Fund is —


Modern systems protect in such cases as:

  • Accidental takeaway
  • Theft of book materials
  • Theft of library property

How does it work?

The systems consist of antennas that are installed at the entrance to the library. It is possible to protect the passage at any distance. If someone tries to take out a book, the anti-theft gate immediately notifies the staff that the book or any other object of the library collection is being stolen.

Built-in people counting

Each anti-theft system presented by UniBook has the ability to embed a system for people counting! The system counts all incoming and outgoing visitors, collects and calculates information about them.

Anti-theft system is a key to the safety of your library's book collection!

UniBook offers a large range of anti-theft systems. The systems differ in functionality and design, but their quality is always at the highest level.


We also offer unique gates Cinema with built-in monitors into the antenna case. It allows to broadcast the useful information at the entrance!


Monogate anti-theft system is able to protect narrow aisles by just one antenna!

Choose the optimal protection variant for your book fund

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