Self-service book return 24/7
UniBook Book Drop

Automated Book Return System UniBook Book Drop is a built-in self-service station for readers


Self-service book return. Even outside of library opening hours!
With Book Drop your library will be able to accept books around the clock without the involvement of library staff.

Maximum efficiency in minimum space
Thanks to the built-in design the station takes up very little space. With additional modules you can have a sorting function.

Visual overview

Advantages of installation

Around the clock library service
The ability to connect the function of book self-sorting
Reduced queues and unloading of library staff
Compact size of the terminal

How it works

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The major part of the terminal is built into the wall or installed on a special platform (false wall)
The inner side is in an isolated room for receiving or storing books and provides self-service book return
  • Moving library to around the clock mode of operation
  • Reduced queues and unloading of library staff
  • Compact size
The outer side with a large touch screen serves to interact with readers
  • Built-in printer for printing reminders of taken books
  • Informative and beautiful light indication
  • Bright design and well thought-out ergonomics

Autonomous operation 24/7

Installing the Book Drop station will allow your library to accept previously borrowed books from readers around the clock, any day of the week, without the participation of a library employee.

Using the specialized conveyor of the Book Flow sorter will allow the system to sort books independently in at least 3 directions, according to the categories you choose.

Sort function

The sorting conveyor connects to the book return station and sorts the books in three directions. The books returned by readers are automatically sorted by storage location, book genre, etc.

The design of the conveyor allows several such devices to be connected to increase the sorting directions of the books.

Basket with floating bottom —
Library Cart

Specially designed basket for receiving books from the sorter conveyor. The basket is equipped with a movable bottom that lowers under the weight of the books, reducing the drop height of the books.

The basket has good handling and is equipped with a wheel stopper to prevent the basket from accidentally rolling away from the sorter.

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During operation of this independent book distribution station, you will need to use:

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