Station for inventory check HF R-PAN

Search and inventory of books The reader is designed for conducting inventory and searching of archived units. The reader can connect to a personal computer and mobile devices, save and display data stored in RFID tags, and transmit all information to the library database.

Usability The Handheld reader is easy to use. There is no need to identify the books one by one or take them off the shelf. You can just swipe the reader along the shelves.

High reading speed High reading speed significantly reduces the time and resources for an inventory.


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Quick inventory of book Fund

Library staff will no longer have to spend their time on a monotonous and very time-consuming inventory.

The librarian needs only to swipe a mobile reader along the shelves. The device will automatically record an information about all books in memory.

Publications are not required to be removed from a shelf!

The inventory process is accelerated 20 times!

Built-in screen

A special feature of this device is a presence of a built-in screen, which allows to monitor easily a progress of an inventory. It is also possible to connect the reader to a laptop or a tablet computer.

Book search

The handheld reader allows you to search for lost books. You only need to enter a number of the RFID tag of the book you are looking for in the device and direct the reader to an intended search area. The device uses an audio alert to tell you how far or close you are from the book you are looking for.

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