Safe Keeper
luggage storage

Store things wisely!

Safe Keeper is smart storage of your visitors' belongings. This storage chamber combines reliability, practicality and aesthetics.

The key to use can be anything, for example: a library card, any rfid tag or barcode, and thanks to the embedded recognition system, even the user's face can be.

Safe Keeper cells can be booked for specific users to issue orders at any time of the day.

Visual overview

Why is Safe Keeper Smart?

Safe Keeper will find a free cell for the user by itself, highlight it from the inside with a pleasant illumination and open the door independently.
Multifunctionality and convenience for your visitors:
  • Each cell of the locker can be equipped with USB sockets to recharge any gadgets of your visitors
  • Safe Keeper can operate as a booking system for issuing anything
Luggage storage is controlled by a touch screen and uses voice prompts
An uninterruptible power supply will ensure the stable operation of Safe Keeper in the event of any power failure.

Safe Keeper advantages over conventional lockers

Ordinary lockers
Automated lockers UniBook
Autonomous work
Presentable view
Non-falsified keys
Possibility of booking
Highlighting cell contents
Built-in chargers

And these are not all the advantages of Safe Keeper multifunctional lockers! Learn more about smart storage!

Cell booking possibility

The ability to reserve cells for certain readers greatly expands the possibilities of using Safe Keeper and improves the quality of the services provided.

Now the reader can independently take pre-ordered literature from the library in less than 1 minute, without anyone's help - this is an important factor in containing COVID-19.

Modular design

The modular design of the UniBook storage system allows you to scale the number of cells based on the available space or the number of storage rooms required.

At any time, it can be retrofitted with an additional vertical section of 4 cells. If necessary, the system can be divided into vertical parts and placed in different places.

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