The Second International professional forum Book. Culture. Education. Innovations (Crimea-2016)

id-logic Крым 2016

IDlogic company sponsored the international conference «Crimea-2016», which was held from 4 to 12 June 2016.

Over the years of its existence, the Crimea conference, due to the special relevance of its thematic focus, has become one of the largest and most popular international forums in this professional field.

IDlogic has been working on the RFID systems market since 2004 and, having implemented a large number of projects, is currently one of the leaders in the RFID technologies market for libraries and annually takes part in this event.

Our team became participants in numerous round tables, at which the whole range of problems of information services for the population was discussed by various structures — from libraries and universities to publishing houses and bookstores. One of the constant main issues of the conference is the use of modern computer technologies in order to improve information services for the population. So the theme of the 2016 conference was: «Libraries and education: the role of electronic resources».

The company’s equipment — IDlogic EasyBook HF PRO 2.0 book distribution station and EasyBook HF RFID book return station were of great interest to the forum participants, and fully corresponded to the topic of the meeting, showing how much easier information service becomes if modern technologies are used for it.

More than 200 libraries from different cities of Russia have chosen us as a supplier of RFID equipment and components, making their work easier and more convenient.