Pavel Molchanov, an expert in the implementation of RFID technology at IDlogic, spoke on the first channel


Today, all sellers of fur products are faced with a mandatory project of product labeling with control identification marks.
Sellers are required to mark the goods by December 5, 2016, otherwise, the products will be withdrawn from sale. However, not all fur shop owners know how this project works. Pavel Molchanov told about how the labeling of fur products is carried out in the program «Good morning» on the first channel in the release of November 15.


The representative of IDlogiс company said that the main goal of the project is to ensure maximum transparency of the market, fight against counterfeit products, and eliminate gray business schemes. In addition, Pavel explained to the audience how control signs on fur products can be useful for buyers. The control signs themselves represent is a strip made of a special flexible material, with a built-in radio frequency tag, graphic information is applied on the surface of this tag, thanks to which the consumer can find out a detailed description of the purchased product, the tag is equipped with polygraphic protection means.




The expert has clearly shown how the IDlogic software can be used to obtain all the information about a fur product.

As part of this project, the fur market has become much more convenient and affordable for the buyer.

The TV program «»Good Morning»» with an expert in the implementation of RFID technology, Pavel Molchanov.