Participation of IDlogic company in the international scientific and methodological conference


From 11 to 13 October, a working meeting of directors of specialized youth, children and youth and specialized public libraries was held, as well as an international scientific and methodological conference «Formation of the innovative potential of youth and libraries.»




The conference discussed the issue of optimization of library branch for the young reader. Many library experts have given presentations, proposed solutions and ways of development. “Library for youth — a library of opportunities” — that was the title of the report of the director of the Russian State Library for Youth Irina Borisovna Mikhnova. «Now the libraries need to keep pace with the times, to develop, to make changes and be interesting to the reader,» — says Irina Borisovna.



The conference was also attended by the IDlogic company, which presented its proposals for the development of libraries for the youth segment.

In addition to the official part, visitors could attend a festive concert and take part in business games.