IDlogic at the All-Russian Library Congress RBA 2017 in Krasnoyarsk

From May 14 to 19, IDlogic employees took part in the All-Russian Library Congress «XXII Annual RLA Conference», presenting equipment for library automation at the exhibition, as well as speaking in one of the sections with a presentation «The main difficulties of implementing RFID systems in libraries.»


The All-Russian RBA-2017 Congress in Krasnoyarsk was attended by more than 1,350 library professionals from all over Russia, and the overwhelming majority of them were interested in comprehensive solutions for libraries, including not only self-taking and returning books, but also fast and accurate inventory, protection against theft, smart shelves, e-library cards and more.

Most of this equipment was presented by IDlogic at the XVIII exhibition of publishing products, new information technologies, for libraries products and services.


The Congress, which is held annually in May by the Russian Library Association, is considered the most important event of the year in the library field. The main theme of the Congress this year was the role of libraries in the cultural policy of Russia. They also discussed such problems as «models of modern public library development», «the role of libraries in the implementation of «National Electronic Library» project and much more.